About 2 Guys Tree Service

Over 10 years ago Jeremy and I were volunteer workers at the kids Sunday school ministry of our church. We met one Sunday morning while figuring out how to play songs on a computer through the speakers in the children’s room (back when this was a very new idea and not many people were doing it). Jeremy was the volunteer “sound guy” for the Kid’s puppet ministry, and I was managing the computer network for the church.

2 Guys Tree Service, Fort Wayne, IN

Jeremy and Mike with their trucks their first year. The original “2 Guys”.

When Jeremy got downsized back in September of ’09 we decided it was a great opportunity to work together professionally. The idea to start a tree service business was the result of the fun we had removing several very large trees from a partially wooded lot that I owned. We had been looking for something to do professionally together, and had a lot of fun cutting down almost a dozen trees on that property, so we decided to start a tree removal business. With a few signatures the legal and insurance paperwork were done, and so began 2 Guys Tree Service.

We started years ago with a used chainsaw, a borrowed truck and an extension ladder, and since then we have done more than a quarter million dollars worth of tree work for our neighbors here in Fort Wayne. Our families have supported us and helped us and we wouldn’t have made it through those early days without them.

In 2013 Jeremy decided to follow his dreams out in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado which gave one of our climbers, Ryan, a chance to step into the management side of things before getting ready to start his own tree service business down in Columbia and Charleston, SC. He has since moved on and now the guy you’ll see most is Rodney.

Rodney has almost 20 years experience doing trees professionally and we haven’t seen a tree yet he can’t climb. He went to climbing school up in Michigan and spent many years in the logging industry up there before moving to the Fort Wayne area with this family.

He’s one of a handful of climbers in northeast Indiana that have the training and experience to handle any size or skill level of climbing job, and because of that we often lend him to other tree companies in the area who need his skills.

On a more personal note, I’ve worked with over a dozen climbers over the years and Rodney is easily the nicest, most professional, and most competent climber I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years.

My son-in-law Roger has spent the past few years learning the tree business and helping us grow and train a great group of guys. All of our guys get trained in each area of the business and work really hard every day to give our customers the best possible service from the first phone call or email through the final payment when the customer is completely satisfied with the work we have done.

2 Guys Tree Service is still a close-knit family business proudly serving Fort Wayne, and the surrounding areas and growing with the help of our great staff and wonderful customers. If you would like to hire us to take care of your tree problems, click here to request a quote.

Michael Gehring
2 Guys Tree Service