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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a tree removed?

The short answer is, "Every tree is different, that is why we give free estimates." You can get the long answer here.

Why was your quote for my tree work so much lower than the others?

The short answer is, because we have the equipment, experience and training to safely remove your tree that the other bidders don't have. You can get the long answer here.

Why was your quote for my tree work so much higher than the others?

The short answer is usually: because we're insured, have a employees to keep fed, we train our staff in on the job safety, our crews have experience, and we are not so desperate for work that we have to bid ridiculously low on a job that no sane person would do for that amount of money. There are a lot of factors to consider in bidding a job, and you can get the long answer here.

When is the best time to trim a tree?

You can trim a tree any time of the year, but the best time is when the weather is cooler, and especially after the leaves have fallen in the fall and before the tree leafs out in the spring. Trimming from late fall through early spring is much less stressful for the tree.

Do you do commercial tree work?

Yes, we are fully insured and have many business references availiable upon request. You can even view the Better Business Bureau's review for the work we did for them on thier website here.

Can you give me a "ballpark" estimate for tree service over the phone?

Yes, we could, but it won't be binding and we will probably bid high because there's almost always things you don't know about until you get there. Even if you describe everything perfectly and we can look it up on Google Maps, we might not see the septic bed we would need to drive over or the invisible fence for your dog or a zillion other things our experienced guys look out for when we come out to give you a quote. Our estimates are free, not because they don't cost us anything, but because they save us so much.

How much experience do you have doing trees?

Well that's a fun question. We have over 30 years combined experience doing trees, but that's not the real picture. We've done over a million dollars worth of tree work, but we know that doesn't really give you a good understanding of how experienced we are. You can get the long answer here.

Why should I hire you to do my tree work instead of these other guys?

The short answer is, because when you hire us, you won't have anything else to worry about. The work will be done to your satisfaction, safely, on time (weather and other factors permitting), and no matter what goes awry, we will handle it. Tree work is dangerous, not everything goes according to plan. We've even had some mishaps. But we stand behind our work, we fix what we break, we get the job done, and we have the BBB rating and customer reviews to prove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What we do is often complicated, risky and requires a professional understanding of the trade as well as your particular situation. We're happy to answer any questions you have, and you can call us and ask for Rodney or Mike to get specific answers.

Here are a few of the questions we get regularly in no particular order. We answer these questions here for you because we want you to be comfortable with whomever you hire.

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