Firewood For Sale

2 Guys Tree Service has firewood for sale!

Please note, all firewood is cut to an average of 12″, although pieces may vary
in length by several inches. It is then split into a range of piece sizes to maximize
utility. And finally, is stacked neatly, off the ground, with plenty of airflow.

Also note, we rotate through our firewood supply on a regular basis, but on average
it consists mostly of medium-density wood (as opposed to hardwood such as White
Oak). The most prominent wood will be different varieties of Maple, as this is a
very common species in Allen County.

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Wood Stove Sizes
(split larger)
1 Cord 48″x4′x8′ $240.00
1/2 Cord 24″x4′x8′ $132.00
1/4 Cord 12″x4′x8′ $73.00
1/8 Cord 12″x2′x8′ $40.00

Fireplace Sizes
(split smaller)
1 Cord 48″x4′x8′ $252.00
1/2 Cord 24″x4′x8′ $139.00
1/4 Cord 12″x4′x8′ $77.00
1/8 Cord 12″x2′x8′ $42.00

Please call ahead to guarantee availability.

Above pricing is for pickup of firewood only. 2 Guys Tree Service offers
delivery of up to 1 cord within 10 miles for $35.00, and each additional mile for
$.30 per mile. For an additional $10.00 delivery can include stacking firewood in
an area accessible by pick-up truck and trailer. Additional firewood may be purchased
for pickup or delivery at the above pricing.

Many people are unaware of the current firewood quarantine imposed on Allen County.
As it currently stands, all firewood must stay in the county to
help slow the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer. Please help us with this quarantine
by not taking firewood out of the county. Thank you for your understanding.